Jeffrey Barrett, Ph.D.

Mar 31, 2021View PDF

Dr. Barrett is Senior Advisor to the CEO at Critical Path Institute. Prior to that Dr. Barrett was Head of Quantitative Sciences at Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute. He also served as Vice President at Sanofi as Global Head of Translational Informatics, Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology, and Interdisciplinary Pharmacometrics Program (IPP). He was professor of Pediatrics at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia & the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute, Dr. Jeffrey S. Barrett worked at several leading pharmaceuticals companies or laboratories including Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company, Somerset Pharmaceuticals and Merck Research Laboratories. He received his Ph.D. in Pharmacokinetics from University of Michigan.