(Senior) Medical Science Liaison

Jun 02, 2021View PDF


  • Establish regional KOL list and implement KOL engagement plan, develop our core KOL and build up academic branding.
  • Deliver Lasted therapeutic area knowledge and product information to our clients, collect regional insights and identify clinical unmet needs and KOL’s needs.
  • Support medical team to follow up Post-Launch clinical trials with high quality and efficiency.
  • Execute local and central medical education activities, and train sales and marketing team in terms of brand and therapeutic area.
  • Across-Function support: Support sales, marketing, clinical development, and other functions.



  • Master’s degree or above, medical related subjects, clinical background will be a plus.
  • At least 1 year working experience of MSL, especially with MNC MSL experience.
  • Strong affinity, positive, a good team player, and strong communication skills.
  • Previous experience of hematological malignancy or oncology area.
  • Fluent read and written English, ability to communicate orally in English will be a plus.