Kevin Lynch, M.D.

Mar 31, 2021View PDF

Dr. Lynch has almost 30 years of experience in R&D in the pharmaceutical industry and a strong track record in clinical development and medical affairs.
Dr. Lynch was Vice President at Celgene where he led the clinical development and medical affairs in multiple countries and regions. Before that, he was the Medical Director of Oncology at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia.
Dr. Lynch has been closely involved in the clinical development of multiple transformational cancer therapies, including Glivec®, Tasigna®, Zometa®, Femara®, Revlimid®, Pomalyst®, and Vidaza®. With his deep expertise and wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Lynch has published in many leading journals, including Annals of Internal Medicine, Nature Reviews Cancer, British Journal of Cancer, Clinical Cancer Research, Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Blood, etc.