Mark J. Alles

Mar 31, 2021View PDF

Mr. Alles, has been serving in the capacity of an independent Director of our Company since January 2020 and was re-designated as an independent non-executive Director in August 2020.


Mr. Alles began his 30-year career in the pharmaceutical industry at Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation and worked at Centocor Biotechnology, Inc. before its acquisition by Johnson and Johnson. Mr. Alles was a vice president of the U.S. oncology business unit at Aventis and served in other senior commercial roles at Aventis from 1993 to 2004. From April 2004 to November 2019, Mr. Alles held a number of positions, including chief commercial officer and global head of hematology/oncology, executive vice president, president, chief executive officer, executive director and the chairman at Celgene (now part of Bristol-Myers Squibb). Mr. Alles has also served as a director at Syros Pharmaceuticals, Inc. since December 2019.


Mr. Alles received his Bachelor’s degree in science from Lock Haven University in the United States in May 1981.